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Why I’m an Artist


Why I create

An Artists Statement

Why I create…

My imagination is fueled by mixing technique, emotions, and surrealism. The content of my works explore the relationship between private experiences and enticing environments, and how these two subject matters can compliment or contrast each other.

As a dancer, as well as an artist, my fascination with the human body is my main focus. My process in dance is similar to painting; sometimes I simply just begin, and other times I meticulously plan out each section of the piece.

Directly connected to my experiences, feelings, and processes, my art addresses topics such as: abuse, obligations, emptiness, divergence, sex, fears, suppression, beauty, and trust. My choice of imagery holds personal weight, but it isn’t necessary for the viewer, as I intend my art to simply inspire new thoughts, instigate intrigue, and entertain senses.

Why Art is So Meaningful

I believe we create art in order to process this amazing world around us, our experiences, and as a way to appreciate the beauty. My art is meaningful to me because of all of the above, and it brings me great peace to work so hard on something and have a lasting memory.

Art is valuable, and I’d like to challenge you to see art, buy art, and create art. Below is a local opportunity. 🙂

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