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Art allows me to learn about myself, others, and how we connect to each other and our surroundings. When I’m brainstorming or creating, I feel an inexplicable sense of peace. Being able to vulnerably share and explore various human interests, is largely rewarding.

My imagination is fueled by mixing technique, emotions, and surrealism. The content of my works explore the relationship between private experiences and enticing environments, and how these two subject matters can compliment or contrast each other.

As a dancer, as well as an artist, my fascination with the human body is my main focus. My process in dance is similar to painting; sometimes I simply just begin, and other times I meticulously plan out each section of the piece.

Directly connected to my experiences, feelings, and processes, my art addresses topics such as: abuse, obligations, emptiness, divergence, sex, fears, suppression, beauty, and trust. My choice of imagery hold personal weight, but it isn’t necessary for the viewer, as I intend my art to simply inspire new thoughts, instigate intrigue, and entertain senses. 

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