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Can Art Really Heal Us?

Remember Bob Ross? I do!

As a child, I remember watching his TV shows, and how I felt both relaxed by the beautiful spaces he created, and impressed by how easy he made it looked. He was certainly one of the role models I aspired to be like!

A flowery statement, isn’t it? Art Heals. 

However, can we all agree that there are several therapeutic benefits from various types of art? Yes, I think most of us have experienced a moving song, seen an amazing dance, or witnessed a breathtaking piece of art, but how can we actually claim art actually heals? Well, as a fine and performing artist for the last 30 years, I am making just that claim.

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How Does Art Heal?


For me, the JOY of music, the FREEDOM of dance, and the PEACE of painting remove negative stress. For example, when I’m engulfed in one of my favorite songs, and I can just close my eyes and embrace the musicians’ intention, I am living in the moment. I can’t worry about the future or think about the past; I’m stress free and focused on the present. Also, just experiencing these art forms allow me to learn about myself and others, express myself in ways that I otherwise cannot, and help bring my attention to the peace that exists around me. 


Clinical Studies

“Music therapy is an ancient and yet very modern practice that has the power to heal and transform our brains and bodies in significant ways. Kathleen Howland, speech language and music therapist explains how music really does have the power to heal our brain and heart.”

How to Invite More Art into Your Life Now!

Let’s make sure that this information doesn’t end here. What are you going to do about it? How can you life be more full of art today?

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  • Sign up for a dance class
  • Sign up for an art class through Groupon
  • Go and support local musicians
  • Go to galleries and art shows
  • Go watch a dance performance
  • Sign up for music lessons
  • Go out dancing
  • Go to a spoken word reading
  • You get the point. 🙂

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